DR Intelligent Analysis System

Deep learning AI algorithms trained on massive medical data, powered by GPU-cluster high-performance computing and deployed based on cloud computing, are able to process huge amount of DR images with high accuracy at low latency.

DR product line

Image segmentation, image enhancement, lesion detection, computer-aided diagnosis, automatic report generation, image quality control, and a suite of software systems that connects township hospitals with image centers.

DR intelligent reading system

Detect and localize different lesions in various parts of the body. The sensitivity in identifying small pulmonary nodules, bone fractures etc. is even higher than radiologists.

DR image segmentation system

DR images are segmented automatically with the image semantic segmentation technique according to the medical anatomy, which helps locate the lesions and obtain more reasonable analysis results.

  • 01

    The DR report generation system automatically transforms image analysis result to reports, improving physicians’ productivity and making reports more standardized.

  • 02

    The DR intelligent diagnosis engine has been embedded seamlessly in the workflow of image centers. The algorithm keeps optimizing in real-world application.